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Uglug, the Goblin King

Uglug came to power in the "Garax" tribe by being the biggest and the most cunning. With these extraordinary skills, he used his size to bully the rest of the goblin-kith into appointing him "King". Then with his brains he set about swindling all those around him to feed his unquenchable appetites. All goods for the tribe first filter through his hands for "Quality Checks", for the good of the tribe of course. At first there were objections, until those that objected started to go missing.  The rest of the Garax goblins quickly learned that agreeing with their new-found self-appointed king was better for their health. Any that disagree, talk with Oglo, his scary brother, or Blurg, his seven foot mutant muscle-oaf and all-around kill machine. Nowadays, Uglug barely moves his grotesque rotund corpulent body from the throne except when he absolutely has to but that hasn't stopped him from spreading his corrupt network to all the warriors of the tribe, as they get first pick of any loot that he can get them to pillage or pilfer. Lately he has turned his eyes to his borders and the Amazon nation, as their wealth has long fueled his greed and envy. Soon it will be war, just as soon as Uglug finishes his current meal.

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