Sundered Realms. 3D Printing One World at a Time!

Kickstarter Launching September 1st.

Sundered Realms was designed to give roleplayers and tabletop gamers a quick way to fill a themed adventure or army alike. Highly detailed models, customized scatter with matching bases all for your personal 3D printing needs. Below is just a snapshot of what you'll receive.

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The Cabal - an organization of wizards and alchemists in the pursuit of knowledge forbidden by man in all aspects. Based in the town of Medianon, these wizards and their demonic subordinates make sure to maintain their front as keepers of lost texts and writtings - what they do with it however has never been meant for anyone but the most high ups in the hierarchy to know.

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The Zeoris Mournglades - remnant of the once mighty kingdom of King Zeor, an unending landscape of carved ice and snowstorms. Many say this is the punishment of the titans of the far north, breathing the frost within them upon all of King Zeor's lands for a past transgression, though the king's knights and

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The Gehenna Unsealed - the remains of a once beautiful island now turned into a burning expanse of ash and broken earth, all by the deeds of Queen Lierra of Dormyr. She has made certain not many remain alive to share what horrible acts brought up her kingdom's sundering, but it is certain that the demon she has become is all too proud for the destruction, and eager to feed her power with ever more stranded souls.

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Launching September 1st through Kickstarter

Pledge info below:

Pledges $10

  • Pick a Realm

  • Over 30 sculpts

  • Choose any one set

Pledges $25

  • Get all 3 realms

  • Over 90 sculpts

  • Great Discount price