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About Me

Growing up abroad as an Army “brat” granted me a unique perspective on life and culture. Bouncing around countries left little time for friends. However, it allowed my imagination to flourish in all things fantasy and science fiction. Playing on tanks and helicopters, and shooting rifles gave way to a life of business and professionalism. Graduating with a degree in business management, I now lead two lives- by day a Director in a Fortune 500 company, by night I explore all avenues of creativity, mostly sculpting and writing.

My miniatures poses are greatly influenced from a decade of martial art experience, love for action movies, years of D&D and tabletop war-gaming. When I’m not sculpting or gaming you can find me chasing my 7 and 5-year-old with my wife or hosting friends for BBQ, UFC or game night.

Contact Me

For business and collaboration inquiries please email madcapminiatures@gmail.com