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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: You can print these files for your personal use, but you may not sell the printed items or distribute the digital 3D models/files to other parties. Additionally you can not profit or publicly advertise that you print and sell the models in any way whatsoever.

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 Build your own kingdom. Set siege to the castle. Create your tabletop dream campaign.

Our 3rd Kickstarter is set to release in Early May.

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Kharra's Story

Varius the Historian gently moved his quill across the parchment in front of him. His man-servants ran around in a frenzy trying to catch every knick-knack that fell off the walls while they shook as if they were undulating field grass. Dust from the cracks in the ceiling shook loose and settled on his ink, drying it as he wrote in his usual cursive. Varius had been there when Hadrick the Uniter formed his band of misfit followers and against the odds, brought the warring city-states together to form the mighty Kingdom of Kharra under his rule three hundred years ago. He annotated the very writ that proclaimed freedom and prosperity to every citizen and watched the knighting of the original protectors as they gathered around their council table. The kingdom HAD been prosperous for a time, until envy and jealousy had set in among Hadrick's sons and kin after his long reign and eventual passing. Now he noted the siege of the main stronghold as a goblin tribe from the deep jungles calling themselves the "Garrax" and Ulf'gar's Giant clan tore the very stones down around the Kharrans, having snuck by the lackluster dilapidated border defenses. Time marches on and either Kharras will survive or it won't. It's up to the hearts of men whether to remember the nobility of their forebears and rally again to the banner of freedom.